Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy: entrance Earth

Planet earth: a small planet, revolving around a yellow dwarf and inhabited by a primitive species, that calls itself human.
Wars between groups of humans are common place and their weapon industry is, compared to other industries, highly developed.
Among humans it is a common assumption that life on their planet is unique in the universe.
Religion is widely spread and although their is a common consensus that different Gods from different religions are one and the same,
they are prepared to kill each other over it.
Their biggest threat to survival is not mutual extermination though, but pollution of their environment, which is progressing rapidly and mostly ignored.
Inefficient manual guided metal vehicles on four wheels is the most widely spread form of transportation.
Most common goal in life: getting 'rich', which means to 'posses' as much material as possible (or means to buy it) in order to acquire a higher so-called 'status'.
This status is some immeasurable quality that is determined in a subtle, complicated and pretty much incomprehensible way: their status is as high as it is considered to be by others.
This phenomenon is not seen on any other species in the universe yet and should be considered typical human.
Art is very primitive, although their music occasionally shows signs of inspiration.
Direct communication between humans is established by means of extremely inefficient sound waves .
Highest scientific achievement: simple computing devices.

Common spiritual state: unhappy, aggressive.
State of awareness: ignorant
Favorite pastime: breeding.
Scientific knowledge: minor
Space exploration: fractional
Chances of survival: slim
General advice: avoid any contact.

"To be or wannabe, that's the question"

- P.T. -